WhatsApp (student case)

While the rate of anxiety and depression symptoms has tripled, young Americans seem to not be getting the help they need. They’ve been offered online therapy which is a great way to make therapy more accessible. But therapy prices remain sky high. And while online therapy is certainly a part of the solution, it fails to help due to the svarve availability of therapists, as mentioned in the NY-Magazine of March 201. Why aren’t there more therapists? If we look to the universities and the ones who study psychology we’ll discover another crisis. One that makes many postpone their studies, and others even drop out as a result of it.

With LetsTalk we hope to bring a partial solution to both crisis. We want to make sure WhatsApp – an app made for talking – is also a place where you’ll always find someone to talk to.

The One Club / Young Ones Student Awards 2021, Silver