The Beer Harmony

Budweiser (student case)

Research shows under 10% of the target audience (23-34) plays an instrument. However, 85% wish they knew how.

You may be familiar with the concept of blowing on a bottle. It sets the air molecules inside the bottle in motion and they start vibrating – resulting in sound. Derpending on the level of liquid you can get both dark- and light-pitched tones. And certain points off liquid you will get pitch-perfect tones.

By using this knowledge we can make Budweiser into and easy-to-play instrument. The solution feeds the target audience’s appetite for wanting to learn an instrument, but they won’t have too pay for lessons or an expensive instrument. All that need is a pack of Buds.

The One Club / Young Ones Student Awards 2021, Gold

NY Festivals 2021, Finalist

NY Festivals 2021, Shortlist